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I am taking a leave from the studio. I have an opportunity to enter the field of geriatric care managing and learning about that includes some kind of job and after-hours education. I MAY HAVE SENIOR PIANO CLASSES! I hope so. PLEASE LET ME KNOW, if you need help finding a music teacher. I recommend Musikgarten or Music Together. www.nwmusikgarten.org shows the Puget Sound Musikgarten teachers' locations.

Also, Seattle Drum School is just down the road from me and I have referred students there. They allow you to purchase even one lesson (may be free, ask). You can try more than one teacher, to find a match.

Birth to 9 is a time all children can learn be a comprehensive musician, learning music as a language. I base my curriculum on Edwin Gordon's research, so look up a youtube or two on him or his website.

This link goes straight to the two paragraphs that most parents are helped by: giml.org/mlt/earlychildhood. Feel free to email me to tell me how a past student is doing and invite me to a performance. I passionately taught for 10 years and may again, so KEEP ME IN THE LOOP.

What is the #1 way to optimize your child's musical aptitude? Singing unaccompanied as a family. Make up songs, sing your conversation, parents sing your favorites. "SLIM" is the acronym for all of my classes = "sing, focused listening, playing instruments and movement."

I will let you know if things change, as far as my teaching classes. I think of Musikgarten as the Cordon Bleu of music programs. Graduates of Musikgarten, a program for birth to 9, are prepared for any musical path, creating without reading music as well as reading music. BON VOYAGE FOR NOW!

Love, Miss Katy
info @ katysmusikgarten.com

P.S. It's fine to contact me, so do! It will be the best thing for me, as it is sad to have to be away from my students and families.

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Welcome to Katy's Musikgarten

Beginning Fall (lessons begin October 1st) Miss Katy is not accepting new students except private piano students ages 7-9yo and group adult classes. See www.NWMusikgarten.com for Musikgarten teachers in the Puget Sound area teaching other age levels.

Group piano classes are popular for adults, no matter the age, and any combination of ages is truly fun, beginning at age 12. Billing and scheduling are different for adults, so email for information at notes@katysmusikarten.com

For the 7-9yos, a school year commitment is required and piano/comprehensive music class is often their favorite class of the week. Children love the format!

Payments are accepted through this site only via PayPal. Payment in full, for the year, before October 1st, includes an additional free lesson. Payments may be divided into thirds, due NO later than the day before lesson one of the three 10-week sessions. Spring break is arranged individually, based on your school schedule.

Miss Katy makes up one lesson for a child's absence each 10 weeks, for any reason. Otherwise, only lessons she cancels are made up. Consistency is crucial for a child's interest and progress.

NOTE: Private piano lessons for 7-9yos follow the comprehensive approach to prepare a pianist for any types of musical goals on the piano. Additionally, this program entitled Musikgarten's "Music Making at the Piano" prepares the child for any other musical path such as another instrument, composing, singing, etc.

Singing, listening, playing instruments and moving are enjoyed each week to bring about optimal learning and joy, with the variety of age-appropriate activities.

For new families, lessons starting Fall are $60 for 60-75 minutes. Come for a free preview, before enrolling.

Key: a parent must work with the child at home and must attend the final 15 minutes of each lesson. Musical background is not necessary for this role, as many parent/child pairs have proven over many years.

Miss Katy has a BA in Music and specializes in making parents comfortable in this setting!

Welcome! Come for the fun and stay for the education!

Miss Katy

By considering a musical enrichment program for your child at an early age, you are taking a first step toward awakening your child's natural musical potential and enriching your family life with active music-making.

Expectant mother
Children are innately drawn to music. And why shouldn't they be? They have been listening to the rhythm and melody of their mother's voice since the fourth month after conception.

Children learn best through moving and listening. Music and movement classes will help them grow and develop into successful students.

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Katy's Musikgarten offers group classes where children and parents share musical activities under the guidance of an early childhood music specialist.

While joyfully singing, moving, listening, and playing simple natural instruments, children develop a strong musical foundation in pitch recognition, steady beat, rhythm patterns, and music repertoire.

"The class is always packed with fun and energy; it was never boring. We both had a great time!!

My child and I learned music fundamentals in a very easy setting, opening up the idea of music."
R., mother of preschooler(3's/4's):

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Katy's Musikgarten
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